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Riding Waves

Waves passing through my heart
It’s a start, With a ship in the harbor
Might this journey be a musical delight

For rides of lust
expressions without fuss
may this breath be  a grand trust

Who are we, in the sea?
Can we live in the swell of this heat?

Creations abound
With the howl of the wind, a perfect Sound

My ears hear the tears of your fears
As this little wave of emotion sets free

Please allow the tide to abide
No need to hide the sway
For it won’t stay

As they do, tides rise and fall…
It is our hearts, after all
That sit in the bow,  endowed with a strength of will
No need to swill and spill
The love will fill our lives with out compromise.

For rides of lust
Expressions without fuss
May this breath be a grand trust

Leap into the feet of this heat.
Don’t wait for me
Just meet me in the waves, where we can misbehave
Then sail home to share the glow
of our flow
with the others we know

For rides of lust
Expressions without fuss
May this breath be a grand trust

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