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Here’s a selection of media links, behind the scenes, trailer and more.

Down The Middle

Status: Selling, Distribution & Partnerships

In this comedic series about this polar opposite pair, we have two women: KAREN (played by Heather Dowling), an uptight workaholic who lives for the job; and AURORA (played by Michelle Barton), a bohemian trust fund baby who has never had to punch a clock. Her eccentric father (played by Tom Bergeron), owner of a boutique ad agency, announces his surprise retirement – forcing this disparate duo to find some way to work together as 50/50 partners. It’s the Odd Couple + Dharma & Greg + Women Working Together in 2020 

Producing Team: Tom Bergeron, Drama ¾ Productions, Jennifer Clymer JasmineLou Productions and Pulvis Solaris Productions


Destiny Now

Status: Released & Finalist of Vancouver Independent Film Festival

A short poetic film that recognizes the shadows within us and looks at what it means to accept and forgive them, written and performed by Michelle. Directed by Ted Saunders. Executive Produced by Pulvis Solaris Productions. Produced by Infinite Studios.



Status: Live

Co-founded by Michelle and Ted Saunders, OkTrauma is committed to evolving and normalizing the trauma conversation in popular culture.


Behind the scenes OF Down The Middle


Status: Being Pitched

4 “Queen Bees” travel the world to explore Bees and Bee stories. A pitch ready travel show. Contact Michelle for more information and the deck.


Status: Development

A war hero sacrificed everything he loved for an interplanetary mission to save humanity. But when he returns, 80 years later, to find a peaceful planet, his outdated ways could destroy the world he tried to save.

2115 is a groundbreaking sci-fi serial in a mix of Battlestar Galactica, Intelligence, and the movie Avatar that explores plausible positive futures for humanity.

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