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Pulvis Solaris Productions




Co-created by Michelle Barton, produced by Tom Bergeron, Drama ¾ , Pulvis Solaris Productions, Jasmine Lou Prod, and Jennifer Clymer.

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A vision for a trauma informed society. Launched in 2020.

Finalist in the Vancouver Independent Film Festival written and performed by Michelle Barton


Storytelling remains one of the most powerful tools in cultural transformation. More than ever we need legacy stories that motivate us, that continue to open our hearts, and help us process the extreme light and shadow that our world is experiencing. What does it look like to merge the entertainment world with the human evolutionary journey that we’re on? I’m committed to creating successful stories that reach audiences and offer a piece of the puzzle that’s bringing about actual shifts in our culture. 

My production company Pulvis Solaris productions is a multimedia content creator instigating potent shifts in perspectives while captivating our niche audiences. Red pulvis solaris is an ingredient in the seventh stage of alchemy. The moment it’s added is when lead turns to gold.

Stories For Us.

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