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Land Dance is tap rooting into an environment, and collectively clearing, healing, and raising a vibration. It honors that we are in communion with our planet. As we are alive with systems that make up our body, that at times, need healing attention, from the physical to the auric field, so also is the land itself, available for this kind of attention.

It’s a reconnection to the ritual potency, potential healing and/or activating essences that ¬†continues a lineage with many historical dance forms.

It’s expression is in direct relationship with the land, the plants and animals, as well the humans, in our immediate environment.¬†

We move with a collective intention. Depending on the location, we can be intending to activate a celebration in a space, or to clear a trauma experience that is still lingering. Each intention is created specifically per experience.

The dance can be an ecstatic expression as well as something that has been choreographed through an exploration, a conversation with the space and people involved.